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Guide: how to choose the perfect engagement ring 

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Choosing an engagement ring can feel like an overwhelming task. It’s a big investment, both financially and emotionally. The ring is a symbol of your love and a sign that you want to take your relationship to the next level. The ring should be used every day for the rest of your life and both your family, friends and co-workers will see it. In addition to that, choosing the “right” ring can feel almost impossible. So, how do you do it? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy the ring of your dreams.

To choose the perfect engagement ring

Who should choose? The one proposing, or the lucky one being proposed to? Only you know which scenario that feels right just for you two.

Many have dreamed of the moment when their loved ones go down on one knee and proposes with the Ring with a big R. If this is your partner’s dream – why disappoint them? See below how to choose the right ring for a surprise proposal – Surprise with the perfect ring at the proposal

If you are one of those who want their partner to choose their own engagement ring, but at the same time want to show that you have put thought and love INTO the proposal - Scroll down to Propose to your loved one - and let them choose the ring

Sometimes the more simple it is, the more romantic it gets. A lot of couples get engaged without the need for a decisive “moment” as a marriage proposal. For them, the search for the right ring can be a part of the journey towards sealing the promise. Scroll down to Deciding together to get engaged

Does an engagement ring have to be made of the combination of gold and diamond? Of course not! But there is a reason why they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Want to read more about the classic engagement ring design, or other stones and materials you can choose from? [Scroll down to Everything you want to know about engagement rings]


Surprise proposal - you choose engagement ring

The surprising moment of your loved one proposing with an engagement ring and the ring fits perfectly – it really is something magical, don’t you think? Many people dream of the surprise proposal with a perfect ring. If this is your partner’s dream, read below for some tips for choosing the perfect ring.


It’s not uncommon that people come to our showroom and say “I want to ask my partner to marry me” – and then they have no idea which ring to buy! For someone with little or no experience of rings and jewelry, there are some things you can pay attention to so you can get an idea of what your partner likes:

  • Look at your partners current jewelry and try find a common theme. Does your partner prefer jewelry in gold over platinum/silver/white gold? Is the jewelry simple, large, eye-catching or with a classic style?
  • Check out your loved one’s social media. Maybe they have saved ideas about their dream wedding on Pinterest, or liked pictures with rings on Instagram.
  • Ask your partner's friends. If you’re lucky they may have described their dream ring for their friends, sisters or mother. You might even ask if a close friend can come along and help you pick out the perfect ring!
  • Bring pictures of the jewelry your partner use right now and show to the jeweler. Then they can help you find a ring that match with their taste.
  • But most important – choose an engagement ring with love! If you haven’t received clear hints from your partner that a particular ring is “the perfect ring” – then it’s probably because they want you to choose. The fact that the ring is filled with your love is the most important thing, and that’s what makes it truly special!


        There is of course an extra dimension in a surprise proposal where the ring fits perfectly. To find out which ring size they have, you can bring a ring they already use. Just make sure it is a ring they use on the correct finger – the ring finger! If you order online then you can measure the ring according to our size guide here [Link]. Generally, the fingers are slightly larger on the dominant hand (if they are right-handed, the fingers are probably slightly larger on the right hand than on the left). You can also look at her clothing size to get a hum about which ring size fits. Usually you need to adjust the size afterwards so that the ring fits perfectly. A general tip if you are unsure is to choose a slightly larger ring size than the one you think is perfect, in order to avoid that the ring doesn’t fit at the moment of the proposal!

        If it goes wrong

        What happens if the thing that shouldn’t happen - that the ring isn’t right - happens?

        Here comes the tricky part. No matter where you buy the ring you are proposing with, it’s most likely tailor-made just for you. The gemstone is sourced, and the ring is forged in the studio just for you.

        The size is wrong

        If you have received good service before the purchase, you have chosen a ring design that can be resized if it would not fit perfectly (some rings are generally not recommended for proposals if you don’t know your partner’s ring size, since they are difficult to resize).

        The ring design is wrong

        What do you do if the design itself is wrong? Often, it’s a minor adjustment that can suffice for the ring to turn out right – for example, you can change to a larger (or smaller) stone, set small diamonds (“sparkle”) on the ring band or disregard the ring design but use the stone in a new ring with a different design. It’s important that you contact us as soon as possible after the proposal to see what we can do to help you! If the ring turns out to be completely wrong, we suggest the following two options. Either you can sell the ring at an auction (on the secondhand market, high quality across all parameters are generally rewarded; high quality design and craftmanship, a timeless style and high clarity and color of the gemstone), or you can trade it in with us (if you purchased the ring from us). We will then sell it on our platform for vintage mumbai rings. Should you decide on this option, you would receive half the purchase value back to invest in a new mumbaistockholm ring. This is a good option for very special jewelry pieces that might be difficult to sell on a regular vintage market, such as an auction house.

        However, in both options you will need to be prepared for losing some of the money you invested into the proposal ring. If you want to be sure that none of this occurs - then the best option is to read further below!


        You want to propose but want your partner to choose engagement ring

        Although proposing with a ring you have selected might be an extra surprise, in many cases the most romantic symbol of love is to let your partner choose their dream ring. In fact - for many couples this can be the best way to show your love!

        But how can you know if this is the way to go for you? Only you know your partner - so trust your gut feeling. Is your partner a creative soul, who often comes up with new ideas and initiatives? Then the opportunity to create their own unique engagement ring might be one of the most romantic experiences you can give to your partner!

        There are many other ways in which you can show that you have put thought and love into the proposal – for example, having been in contact with a jewelry designer you know is your partner’s favorite before the big day comes. You may already have arranged an appointment for trying out engagement rings just days after the proposal! (If mumbaistockholm is your partner’s favorite, you can book a time in the showroom here).

        Which ring to propose with?

        In this case, you still need a ring to propose with on the big day! So what are the options if you don’t want to propose with The ring?

        Although proposing with a ring you got from a bubblegum machine might seem like a funny idea, in reality your partner might be a bit disappointed that you didn’t put more effort into it. And that is the last thing we want to happen! For this reason, at mumbaistockholm we offer the opportunity to purchase a showroom ring that you then hand back after the proposal, when you both come to our showroom to select the real engagement rings. Other options are to propose with an old family ring (perhaps your grandmother’s engagement ring?) or a simpler ring that you can resize and wear on another finger after you have purchased the real engagement ring. Imagine having a ring on your other hand that forever will remind you of the proposal from the love of your life!

        The most important thing is that your partner feels that you have put thought and love into the proposal.


        Deciding together to get engaged

        It happens more often than you think – couples who come to our showroom before they get engaged. Choosing engagement rings together then becomes part of the experience leading up to the official engagement. When the rings are delivered a few weeks later, they seal the promise and choose this as their official “engagement date”. This may look different for each couple - some may create a small and intimate ceremony during for example a holiday trip, while others prefer to be at home in their most natural environment. The most important thing is that it is a moment that you create together just the two of you, from the beginning to the end!

        Everything you want to know about engagement rings – Diamonds

        Everything you want to know about engagement rings – Diamonds

        Solitaire Petite 0.40 CT

        Edith Ring 1.0 CT

        A diamond is forever – and certainly there is a reason why diamonds have long been the big favorite in engagement rings. Diamonds are the hardest mineral found in nature, and through grinding, diamonds get their very own unique, special spark.

        The Diamonds 4C – A diamond is valued according to the four different C’s:

        • Color
        • Clarity
        • Cut
        • Carat

        The color of the diamond is influenced by the various traces of elements found in the stone, the finest color is considered white with a shifting shade of blue – but we are just as fond of diamonds in the shades of Chocolate and Champagne. Or why not black diamonds? Although the classic engagement rings have a white diamond, there are today several color shifts available that make it easy to find a diamond that’s perfect just for you, just look at some of our different settings and shades of diamonds below!

        Brigitte Ring with Black Diamonds and Diamonds

        Our ring Brigitte, with black and white diamonds, give the ring a unique look with a vintage feel – Want to know more? Check it out [here].

        Solitaire Petite Sparkle Ring with an 0.50 CT Chocolate Diamond and Champagne Diamond Sparkle

        Rings with the colors Chocolate and Champagne are extra unique – because the stones are natural, no stone is like another, and the color change in your gemstone is unique.

        Two classic ring settings

        Already in 1886, the world-renowned jeweler company Tiffany & Co made a huge success with its “Tiffany setting”, a diamond set with six “buckles” (Ps, you can find that setting in our ring Solitaire Petite here).

        Another popular setting is the classic three-stone ring, two smaller stones and a larger one in the middle that is supposed to represent the past, present and future. Isn’t it beautiful? One of our best-selling engagement and wedding rings is with this setting, you will find it in our Edith ring.


        Yes, we love diamonds, but there are so many other beautiful gemstones out there. Gemstones are a naturally created solid; a mineral. The color shift in various gemstones come from the small amounts of metals present in the mineral structure; different metals simply give different colors! We at Mumbai are very proud that we only use genuine, conflict-free gemstones. In other words, the gemstone in your jewelry is the result of a geological process that nature has created over a very long time.

        Gemstones are often described with their hardness scale – simply said, the scratch resistance of the gemstone (for example, if a harder mineral can scratch a softer one!). The classic diamond is the hardest stone found naturally; it ranks number 10 on the hardness scale, while our nails place 2.5 on the hardness scale. Does that sound a little complicated?

        Our nails, with a hardness of 2.5, can only scratch other materials that has 1-2 on the hardness scale. Meanwhile, diamonds can only be scratched by other diamonds!

        Gemstones – Short list to colors and names

        • Diamond – White, champagne, chocolate, black
        • Ruby – Red
        • Sapphire – Many colors, most commonly blue
        • Tourmaline – Available in many colors
        • Emerald – Green
        • Aquamarine – Light blue or green
        • Morganite – Light pink

        Gemstones and its minerals

        Did you know that several of our most loved gemstones come from the same mineral, but get their names after the color change they have? Beryll is a hard mineral that several of our favorite gemstones are made of. Depending on the color of the gemstone, it gets different names: We know the pink variant of Beryll as Morganite, Aquamarine is the light blue variant and Emerald the classic green gemstone. The mineral Corundum is the mineral that both Rubies and Sapphires come from. Although we often think of sapphires in their beautiful royal blue color, sapphires come in several different colors – for example, there’s both green and yellow sapphires.

        Guide to the various gems

        Rubies and sapphires

        Do you want a ring with beautiful and strong colors? Rubies and Sapphires are both variants of the mineral corundum and are extremely popular with their bold colors. In Sanskrit, rubies are called Ratnaraj – “the king of gems”. Both rubies and sapphires have a hardness of 9 which makes them the second hardest gemstone in the world – only diamonds are harder. Just like diamonds, rubies and sapphires are valued for their size, color, grinding and clarity. The blue color in sapphires is popular in both engagement and wedding rings as the blue color symbolizes faithfulness and truth. The red color rubies are said to represent love and passion.


        Did you know that tourmaline is the gemstone that can show the most colors? The name tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese tura mali¬ – “multicolored stone”! There are also examples of known rubies that later turned out to be just tourmalines. Tourmaline is a durable gemstone that can withstand wear and is excellent as a gemstone in jewelry.

        Emeralds, aquamarine and Morganites

        Aquamarines, emeralds and morganites all belong to the mineral Beryll and place a 7.5-8 on the hardness scale.

        Aquamarines, with their beautiful pale blue-green color shifts, got their name after seawater aqua marina.

        Morganite is the pink variety of beryl and is considered to symbolize both personal development and love. Emeralds are the classic and beautiful green gemstone, but thus also belong to the Beryll family.

        Gemstones – Value and price

        Gemstones are valued after their hardness, color and rarity. The hardness of a stone shows how durable it is. The color of the gemstone can be difficult to value – certainly some stones have higher value due to their purity or color shifts, but in the end it’s up to you what you think is a beautiful color in a gemstone. After all, it is natural minerals that have undergone an incredibly long geological process that we use in our jewelry!

        FINAL WORDS...

        Some help on the way

        We hope that this article helped you in the jungle of options that proposal and engagements may feel like.

        No matter how you choose to get engaged – don’t let the anxiety and decision-making get to you, just trust that you know your partner and your unique relationship the absolute best. Choosing a proposal and the perfect engagement ring should be a fun experience! Accept help from people that you trust. In addition, we are here for you to give you the guidance you need. We get calls and emails every day from people who want help with finding their partners dream ring - and get ideas for proposals.  

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        Edith Ring 0.47 CT

        Edith Ring 0.47 CT

        26 990 kr
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        The Solitaire 0.50 CT

        The Solitaire 0.50 CT

        49 990 kr
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